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Frontline losses pile up: Neo-Nazi junta escalates propaganda about 'shootdowns'

On April 19, Russian Aerospace Forces (VKS) announced that a Tu-22M3 swing wing long-range bomber/missile carrier crashed in the Stavropol krai (roughly translated as “region”) in southern Russia. The Ministry of Defense (MoD) reported that the venerable “Backfire” (Tu-22M3’s NATO reporting name) crashed due to a technical malfunction after it successfully conducted a strike mission in Ukraine. And yet, as soon as the Neo-Nazi junta found out about the crash, it immediately concocted a ludicrous story about how its air defenses supposedly “shot down” the Russian aircraft. According to the infamous GUR (the Kiev regime’s military intelligence), the mythical “shootdown” allegedly happened […] #Featured #Military #UkraineWar #WarZone Read Full Article:
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David Sacks and Elon Musk slam new US aid: “Ukraine will collapse anyway”

American businessman David Sacks predicted the collapse of Ukraine despite a new $61 billion aid package approved by the US House of Representatives since Kiev will need an even larger annual cash injection “to stave off total defeat.” Responding to a follow-up tweet about Ukraine by Sacks, Elon Musk said that a new aid package for Ukraine approved by the US House of Representatives was contributing to “a forever war” with “no exit strategy.” “These scenes of celebration are going to look particularly foolish when Ukraine collapses anyway. The federal government can print more money; it can’t just print more […] #Featured #UkraineWar #WarZone Read Full Article:

Israeli Genocide Against Mother Earth

Israeli Genocide Against Mother Earth By Dr. Elias Akleh April 22, 2024     Monday April 22nd is Earth Day. Earth is the mother of all three existing kingdoms: vegetable, animal, and human kingdoms. We breathe her air, drink her water, and eat the food she generously gifts us for free. Our bodies are built from the food she cooks out of her soil, and our vital life energy is part of her vital life energy. Mother Earth is a fertile LIVING BEING. It is essential that we understand this fundamental fact so that we respect, protect, and revere this […] #Featured #IsraelWaronPalestine #WarZone Read Full Article:

Bangladesh Government’s Strategy Against Dubious Kuki-Chin Armed Movement

Bangladesh Government’s Strategy Against Dubious Kuki-Chin Armed Movement M A Hossain The Bangladesh government has garnered significant experience in countering insurgency activities in the Chattagram Hill Tracts (CHT). Through operations like “Operation Dabanal,” the Bangladesh Armed Forces have effectively neutralized separatist armed groups. After the peace treaty, to date, “Operation Uttaron” has aimed to uphold law and order and improve the living standards of the Jumma people. With over two decades of such operations, the resurgence of another insurgency movement in that particular region would be a daydream if not wild dream. As a defense analyst, I would suggest opting […] #Asia #Featured #Government Read Full Article:

After Slap in the Face, Iran Ready to Give a Bloody Nose to the Zionist entity

After slap in the face, Iran ready to give a bloody nose to the Zionist entity     Author: Shyam Yadagiri     In the early hours of Sunday, April 14, Iran launched a barrage of drones and missiles into Israel, retaliating for its terrorist attack on the Iranian embassy compound in Damascus on April 1 that martyred seven officers of the elite Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) – Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Zahedi, a senior commander of the IRGC’s Quds Force, his deputy, General Mohammad Hadi Haji Rahimi, and five other military officers.   In the aftermath of the […] #Featured #IsraelWaronPalestine #WarZone Read Full Article:

Unabated and Encouraged Ongoing Israeli Genocide

Unabated and Encouraged Ongoing Israeli Genocide By Dr. Elias Akleh April 20, 2024     Israelis have succeeded, even for a short time, in withdrawing global attention, at least those of western media and western politicians, away from its genocidal crimes in the Gaza Strip towards Iranian unexpectedly unprecedented military attack in response to all past Israeli provocative terrorist attacks against Iranian assets, the assassination of Iranian scientists, and finally bombing the Iranian consulate in Syria murdering some Iranian officials. Yet, the global public attention stayed focused on the ongoing American backed Israeli genocide of Palestinian civilians. Defeated, frustrated, and […] #Featured #IsraelWaronPalestine #WarZone Read Full Article:

Here's Why Israel Will Lose a Shootout with Iran

Iran’s deputy foreign minister Ali Bagheri has told Israel in no uncertain terms that if they launch another attack on Iran, they should expect to “get hit harder, faster, and with more immediacy.” #Featured #IsraelWaronPalestine #Life Read Full Article: